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About Us

Lumonitor was started by a team of engineers that believe in something more than gadgets.

Gadgets were great back in the day, but in the modern world, we have the power to consolidate all the functions of our gadgets into one, lightweight system.


self powered portable monitor


How many gadgets do you haul around every day? And how many wires, chargers, adapters, and dongles do you need just to use them?

We found ourselves feeling pretty tied down despite living in a “wireless” world, and we knew there had a be a better way. 

So, we gathered a team of engineers and started work on a device that could incorporate all of our gadgets into one go-anywhere, do-anything workstation. After over 2 years of design and dozens of prototypes, Lumonitor was born. 

Lumonitor has all the ports you need, it charges your devices, it adds a 4K monitor to any device, it has built-in Hi-Fi audio, and it connects to virtually anything. Plus, if you want to get rid of your devices altogether, you can use it on its own thanks to its built-in battery.  

Lumonitor has unplugged us from our desks and heavy bags and empowered us to be productive from anywhere on the globe. It feels incredible to have an entire workstation in one ultralight package. 

portable monitor with built-in battery