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Lumonitor Wireless Hub
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Lumonitor Wireless Hub

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The Lumonitor Wireless Hub is HIGHLY recommended to connect your devices to Lumonitor. Some devices (such as older mobile phones) are not compatible with external monitors and this Wireless Hub will ensure that any device (including older smartphones) can be connected via Apple AirPlay, Google Chromecast, and other major casting apps.

The Lumonitor Wireless Hub allows you to go 100% wireless since you'll no longer need a cable to connect your Lumonitor to your devices. The essential accessory allows you wirelessly to watch movies, shows, live TV, YouTube, and stream photos to Lumonitor. Just plug it in and pair it with the device of your choice. It takes seconds to connect!

This is the ideal wireless mirroring device for reducing clutter and expanding productivity. Other than your Lumonitor, it works with many other devices as well. You can pair with any WiFi ready big screen device such as your home TV, computer monitors, projectors, and more.

  • Plug & Play: Just plug it in and you’re ready to connect
  • Supports Airplay, DLNA Chromecast, Miracast, Ezcast, Airplay Mirror
  • Universally compatible with any device 
  • Supports FHD at 60 fps and dynamic audio 
  • Connects via HDMI
  • Use with other devices such as projectors and your TV